The Reason Why British Athletes Choose Winter Sports

The Reason Why British Athletes Choose Winter Sports

The British countryside and climate aren’t actually intended for winter there are only a few mountains appropriate for skiing and our winters only are not cold enough. Nevertheless Team GB will probably be carrying a 56-strong squad into the winter Olympics at Sochi. So how can athletes out of a green and pleasant land come to participate in winter on ice and snow

Paths to winter are diverse and frequently very different to the more traditional routes found in summer Olympic sports. There’s also a huge variation between winter bobsleigh, skiing, hockey and snowboard athletes, as an instance, will have come into their game in various ways.

Nearly all athletes possess a history of junior involvement, frequently having made their entrance into the game at a young age, however in certain Winter Olympic sport this isn’t the situation. It’s quite normal for athletes in those sports to begin late, having started their athletic career elsewhere.

Require bobsleigh and skeleton such as: these are sports which you may just begin as an adult you simply can not do them as a kid. This makes career avenues within these sports really different. Olympic silver medallist Shelly Rudman did not attempt skeleton before age 21, that is quite late in comparison to athletes in other Olympic sports. This contradicts some versions of athletic growth, which imply that investment in a game for a junior is a necessity for success.

Lots of athletes move from different sports and several are “seen” as possible winter sport athletes throughout so called “talent move programmes”, including UK Sport’s Ladies 4 Gold programme that began in 2008. Skeleton athlete and possible 2014 Olympic medallist Lizzy Yarnold is a grad from the Women 4 Gold programme, having moved into the game from athletics.

The slip out of sports The rate and power components of sports move nicely to the push begin demanded in both skeleton and bobsleigh. On his transition to bobsleigh Craig Pickering explained, “I have been in sports for so long that I began to feel somewhat jaded. This is a brand new challenge I am really excited”.

The transition from sports to bobsleigh isn’t exclusive to the United Kingdom.

Live Close To A Ski Slope

Paths to winter are usually dictated by chance. Facilities for winter sports involvement are few and far between and therefore location has a valuable role. If you reside close to an ice rink you’re more inclined to get involved in speed skating or figure skating. There are certainly geographical patterns in group membership for instance the GB curling and Nordic ski teams have been ruled by Scottish athletes. Is this associated with there being better infrastructure and facilities for all these athletics in Scotland? A scarcity of winter sport centers in the united kingdom could surely be hindering our chances and the kinds of facilities available can limit the assortment of our involvement.

Interestingly, Team GB usually simply enter athletes to the brief track speed skating event rather than the very long track events. This might be a result of restricted long track speed skating centers.

Cash And Role Models

Finance can be strongly linked to chance involvement in winter sports frequently requires overseas travel and costly gear. In the top ends lottery funds and sponsorship can be obtained, but the monetary aspects may prevent prospective athletes beginning a winter game.

Ultimately, among the most crucial elements influencing an athlete could move to a winter game is part models. Medals won in the last three Winter Olympics in skeleton have surely boosted the profile of this game and might encourage more athletes to look at taking this up.